What is the Preface?

To everything there is a season…

Planting a church is a life cycle.

It is planted, grows, and matures.

But even before planting there is a time of tilling soil. This takes many different shapes, from prayer walks to coffee shop conversations, from the church office to the chamber of commerce. Tilling the soil for a church plant is a key part nurturing the growth and strength of a new community even before it exists.

This is the season where we find our church plant.

So why The Preface?

There was need to share with people who will be praying for us, financially backing us, and joining us in this endeavor to see what was happening. To rejoice in the mission of the kingdom going forward. But it wasn’t quite the season of planting, instead it was the time before.

preface- n., something preliminary or introductory.

A preface comes at the front of the book. It is the Author’s opportunity to share with his or her¬†audience key insights into how they wrote the book, how the book should be read, or simply a good narrative of from where they come.

This is why we chose The Preface. It is the introduction to the church plant, the place which people can come to see what is happening, to understand who and why we are planting a church.

It’s tilling the soil.

It’s the introduction to the story.

It’s The Preface.

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