Life in Rhythm

It’s been almost three months since Chelsey and I moved from St. Louis, MO to Georgetown, TX. The summer has been mild-ish (by central Texas standards), though my lawn and water bill would really enjoy some more rain. We’ve settled in nicely at Faith (the church we are planting out of) and learning new life rhythms.

Its interesting how often I find myself using that word, rhythm. But it seems to be the only way to classify what we are doing in this season of our lives. In a matter of three months we have moved from St. Louis to Georgetown, I started work at Faith Lutheran (the mother congregation of the church plant), Chelsey started work as an admissions counselor at Concordia University, and we are learning life when we both work regular hours instead of student/barista hours.
People keep asking us, “Have you settled in yet?” I keep thinking saying yes but thinking “You haven’t met my wife. We were settled in months ago!” Of course I’m now realizing what that means. We are just settling in. Getting to figure out our grocery stores, our bank, finding new doctors and dentists. Also, we just stopped and took a long breath after four years of me being in seminary.

We are settling into a new rhythm. At times I catch myself worrying. Will there be people? Will we be able to worship? It seems that my anxiety can quickly surface. But really, we are just learning a new rhythm. There is a new ebb and flow to life and that is exciting, refreshing, and takes time to learn. But we are getting better. There will be worship, there will be a church, and it will all be in Gods time. For right now, we are excited to learn a new rhythm and start to meet our neighbors.

Our Little Blue House and Faith Lutheran Church

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