A prayer, a walk, and a silly kids song…


Church planting in Williamson County continues to move forward. Where we are, located in South Georgetown, is one of the fastest growing areas in the nation. You can’t throw a rock on A.W. Grimes, the connecting road between North Round Rock and South Georgetown, without hitting a sign letting you know land is for sale or a new housing development is in the works.
As the county explodes with growth, good gospel based churches are needed. This is both incredibly exciting along with being full of anxiety. But, what I am continuing to learn is that God is the one leading this mission.

A couple weeks ago I started prayer walking the neighborhoods where we are looking to plant. It was an incredible experience. It all came about after reading and talking with Chris, a buddy from Seminary. Chris is in the process of planting a church in University City, MO (St. Louis area). The first thing he started doing for the plant in UCity was prayer walking the area then blogging about it(you can check out that blog here).

After a great phone call from Chris and lots of getting over my nerves I took a walk around a neighborhood of North Round Rock.

To say it was amazing would be putting it lightly. God worked on my heart. As much as I prayed for the neighborhood I knew God was just as much knocking at the door of my life calling me to follow Him.

At one point I had a song stuck in my head. That morning at chapel with the preschoolers at Faith I had sang a song I learned long ago at camp:

Call upon me in the day of trouble
And I will deliver you
Call upon me in the day of trouble
When you don’t really know what to do

And you will glorify me
As I deliver you
And you will glorify me
As I teach you what to do

The phrase, And you will glorify me || As I teach you what to do, was stuck in my head. It took me a couple beats to realize what God was speaking. As a planter my job is not to convert the nations, have the biggest or best program, or even to be fearful of where He’s called us. My job is to glorify God and what He is already doing. As I glorify Him, He will teach me what to do.

Jesus already died for the people of Williamson County, I’m just the guy singing of His glory. All it took was walking, praying, and a silly kids song to remind me of that.

“Offer to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving,
and perform your vows to the Most High,
and call upon me in the day of trouble;
I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me.”
Psalm 5:14-15 

– Pastor Ted Doering

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